#5: ‘Late in the Day’, by Tessa Hadley

I finished reading 'Late in the Day' by Tessa Hadley this morning. Her writing is eloquent but accessible, and she paints that picture of quiet domesticity beautifully. You know that feeling when you wake up on the right side of the bed? Your senses are hyper aware: soft carpet under foot; birds chirping outside, household … Continue reading #5: ‘Late in the Day’, by Tessa Hadley

#2: nothing stops a bird

This post is part of #The100DayProject, started a little early this year in light of current events. My project is simply to write, every day, something, and to share it here.  I went for a walk yesterday. This marked my first step out the house in 72 hours. I was sure to maintain at least 3m … Continue reading #2: nothing stops a bird