Modern Love – The Podcast

I don’t know how I’ve gone my entire adult life neither stumbling across or being force fed Modern Love. The New York Times column has been going since October 2004, covering ‘relationships, feelings, betrayals and revelations’ and has since been adapted to a book, a podcast and a TV series. 

After popping up on my Amazon Prime, I devoured the TV series in two sittings, revelling in to the world’s of many a New Yorker. So perfectly immortalised by the likes of Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway, Andrew Scott (swoon), and Dev Patel (double swoon), the series fills you with that warm, fuzzy feeling usually reserved for perfect autumnal evenings and rewatching When Harry Met Sally. 

My preferred method of consumption (at least this week) is the podcast. Actors are invited to select an essay themselves, so their affection for the story has been clear in every one – and is one of the most winning components. Each story has been chosen because that reader felt an affinity with it, and their reading is all the richer for it. It also includes additional conversations with the essay writer, Daniel Jones, the Modern Love editor and the performing actor, some extra tidbits to satisfy your nosy desire for more. 

Personal favourites thus far have been David Oyelowo reading ‘Seeing The World Through My Wife’s Eyes’ with infinite charm, and ‘The Language of Love’, read by Saoirse Ronan. I also adored the Modern Love podcast specials shared during the pandemic, finding myself moved to tears at the astounding stories of strength, humanity and isolation felt across the world. 

Melt in to it, I urge you.

Inserted above is one of my favourite’s of the TV adaptations in animated form. Check out the full animated series of Modern Love here.

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