#1: Socialising in the time of Coronavirus

This post is part of #The100DayProject, started a little early this year in light of current events. My project is just to write, every day, something, and to share it here. 

Day 8 of practising social distancing and my social life is thriving.

Besides from a walk to an overcrowded park and 2 visits to the supermarket, I’ve been within the same four walls. As a natural homebody, keeping myself occupied hasn’t proved too difficult and fortunately, my boyfriend has temporarily set up camp here with me. This would be a very different post if that wasn’t the case. 

We’re in a steady routine: wake up (incredibly early for some reason); I read, he plays PS3; work, quick lunch break, work more; tidy the flat; expel phsyical energy via dance party, at home yoga (read: failed attempts to commit to… ), an improv HIIT workout which lasted approx. 7 minutes; cook, eat, drink; watch TV, play cards, call friends, more cards, head to bed. Rinse and repeat. 

Aside from the lack of Vitamin D and fresh air, I don’t have many complaints about staying at home. I think my nature enjoys the predictability of my days now. There’s a comfort in regularity, and a reassurance in knowing right now, I am doing all I can do.

The best part about all this is, I feel more connected with my friends and family in the past week than I have in the past 6 months. Since moving to Edinburgh in November, I’ve missed the daily hang outs. Cinema trips, tea on the sofa, quick dinners, weekend wanders have all dwindled since I moved. Friends here are in different routines – as am I now – and everything requires just a little more planning than before. So a daily WhatsApp chat and logging in to the Houseparty app have proved a blessing.

I feel more buoyed by human company being home (almost) alone than I have being out and about readily available for meet ups. We’re all on the same pace right now: evenings are free, weekends need to be filled. Games and shared movie viewings are suddenly just as enticing an offer as an IRL night out would be.

I hope when things settle, the ability for us to sync our calendars and find that virtual connectivity remains part of our routine.


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